sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2004

Las mujeres y el futuro de las TI

Tecnologías de Información.
Fuente: The Register

Women will once again re-emerge in computer science as the field shifts from a purely technical focus to supporting other fields, says British Computer Society President and Southampton University professor Wendy Hall. In the early days of computer science, there were a significant number of women participating in both industry and academia, but the advent of the personal computer changed the culture. "It became about playing and coding war games," Hall says, which made many young women lose interest in computing. For the short term, this probably will not change significantly, but a focus on educating pre-adolescent girls about the possibilities of IT could encourage a greater number of them to study computers in school. Just as people in 1994 did not fully anticipate what has occurred nowadays, IT students today should not expect to be system administrators 10 years in the future; instead, the technology infrastructure will reflect natural systems, such as insect behavior and human interaction. Even hardware design can be seen trending toward evolutionary principles, such as research projects allowing circuitry to design itself. Women have natural inclinations that allow them to deftly handle these types of subjects, and Hall predicts that computer science courses will require more multidisciplinary study in a few years, such as in biology, psychology, and sociology, where women are already more prevalent. With the nature of the computer industry changed, more women will find interesting careers in this area, Hall says.

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