viernes, 11 de agosto de 2006

DHS to field additional data mining tools in wake of bomb plot

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Fuente: GCN

"The Homeland Security Department will deploy additional computerized methods of pinpointing threats in airports in response to the newly uncovered plot to blow up aircraft flying from London to the United States, department's secretary Michael Chertoff, said today.

None of the officials elaborated on what kind of advanced targeting tools DHS would begin using in airports. But previously announced research projects in the area include special systems that can detect individuals who display 'suspicious behavior.'

The term 'advanced targeting tools' generally is understood to cover data mining methods that can extract useful patterns from huge heaps of information, such as the data already gathered about terrorists and their methods.

Mind your own business intelligence

"Companies should run their own business, and any software they buy in should allow them to do this successfully themselves. The success of each process will become diluted only if offered by a single source that cannot truly offer all-round expertise."

But is this really the role of a BI software vendor? Software vendors that provide ERP or CRM solutions have also come to market to provide VARs with answers to questions before they ask them.

Al final estamos hablando de competencia por el presupuesto del cliente entre los servicios y el producto. El que convenza de que da mayor valor añadido podrá pedir más por lo que ofrece. También ocurre que hay herramientas cuyo proceso de customización es costoso en horas*hombre y que si no hay trabajo de customización no hay trabajo para los consultores.

Hay una vieja pregunta en el mundo del software: ¿los paquetes estándar están influyendo hacia una uniformización de los procesos de negocio que automatizan en las empresas? ¿En qué medidad? ¿Y eso es bueno o malo? ¿Podría aplicarse al mundo del BI?


jueves, 10 de agosto de 2006

Umbria Introduces Blog Data Mining Service

"The online data collected by Umbria Accent will be classified to make age, gender and customer-type inferences, and the service has also been designed to identify and eliminate new sources of spam. 'This wealth of content has enormous potential to change the way businesses understand, relate and market to their customers,"

Fuente: Technology News

EEUU empleará Data Mining para detectar sospechosos

"As part of its plan to track potential terrorists, the Bush Administration is preparing to collect massive amounts of information about everyone in the United States. Specifically, the government has planned new and enormous government data mining programs to collect and analyze records of travel, bank transactions, phone calls, email, credit card purchases, and virtually anything else that leaves a trail. Using secret criteria, this data would be “mined” by computer programs to produce watch lists and profiles and to mark certain individuals as “suspicious.”"

Fuente: People For the American Way

miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2006

The Brave New World of Business Intelligence: TDWI

Get ready for the next wave of business intelligence, which—by 2020, IDC states—will once and for all take BI mainstream, with query, reporting, and analysis dashboards on every desktop. “When we look back in a few years, we'll see that 2005 was another turning point in the BI market and the beginning of the new wave of investment in BI by organizations in all industries,” writes IDC analyst Dan Vesset. “The current market cycle is expected to last until 2020 and will be focused on expanding the reach of BI to more users both inside and outside the organization and a move to automate more decision processes by combining QRA [query, reporting and analysis] and advanced analytics functionality.”

Fuente: tdwi