martes, 14 de febrero de 2006

Business Performance Management: What are the Real Benefits?


Fuente: b-eye-network

Business performance management can deliver meaningful payoffs on two levels. First, the strategic, if somewhat less tangible, ¬benefits such as tying execution to corporate strategy. Second, the concrete benefits you can count, such as saving millions of dollars or closing in three days rather than three weeks. Our work with companies that have adopted BPM has also highlighted a common theme about which many users are enthusiastic: a change in their work culture to being performance-oriented, greater awareness of the marketplace consequences of actions, and more rapid and aggressive response to competitive changes.
Tie execution to strategy. Establish one version of the truth. Deliver real-time, actionable information. Enable better and faster decision making. Improve financial performance. All sound good; all are strategic goals linked with performance management.

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