jueves, 23 de febrero de 2006

XPDL 2.0


PDL version 2.0 is back-compatible with XPDL version 1.0, and is intended to be used as a file format for BPMN. The original purpose of XPDL is maintained and enhanced by this second version of the specification. The XPDL and the BPMN specifications address the same modeling problem from different perspectives. XPDL provides an XML file format that can be used to interchange process models between tools. BPMN provides a graphical notation to facilitate human communication between business users and technical users, of complex business processes.
There are a number of elements that are present in BPMN version 1.0 but were not present in XPDL version 1.0. Those had been incorporated into this version of XPDL.
The WfMC has identified five functional interfaces to a process or workflow service as part of its standardization program. This specification forms part of the documentation relating to “Interface one” - supporting Process Definition Import and Export. This interface includes a common meta-model for describing the process definition (this specification) and also a companion XML schema for the interchange of process definitions.

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