jueves, 9 de marzo de 2006


SpagoBI is a Business Intelligence Free Platform: a complete Free/Open Source solution for the development of Business Intelligence projects. Entirely realized by means of the Free Open Source Software philosophy, it is an integrated Business Intelligence suite able to cover all its functional aspects, like: the (static and dynamic) data organization, inquiring, hidden information discovering by means of the data mining technique, the building of a structured and dynamic publishing and control suite. SpagoBI is structured with components in order to achieve each of the BI functionalities by a specific module.
SpagoBI uses both the available most interesting free/open source software solutions and new software components in order to realize a really integrated Free Platform. The project is ambitious and very complex as well. It isn't a package released to the community, although it makes available some user functionalities. Our aim is developing, consolidating and growing up SpagoBI together with an interested community.
You can see the SpagoBI Architecture and road-map sections for more details.
Free/open source solutions and new software components are realized by means of Spago J2EE framework. This is an available free/open source software project.

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