sábado, 8 de julio de 2006

::BIScorecard™ :: Evaluations::

Business Intelligence

Spreadsheet Evaluation
This evaluation discusses criteria to consider when evaluating BI suites Office add-ins and
export capabilities.

The BI Market
Business intelligence and the sub markets defined. Lists vendor products per sub market, serving as a necessary guide for comparing like-for-like products and seeing the breadth of individual vendor offerings.

Blank BIScorecard™
This spreadsheet provides a summary overview of vendor scores per major functional area plus a detailed list of 100+ criteria to consider when selecting or standardizing on a BI product.

Flying High with BI
How innovation and a maturing market will finally allow BI to take off in many organizations.

Enterprise Business Intelligence: Strategies and Technologies for Deploying BI on an Enterprise Scale

Here's the Deal: Negotiating BI contracts

The BIScorecard™ review series in Intelligent Enterprise
Although the product scores here are now out of date, the series provides you with a framework for evaluating BI suites and a sample of the approach used on BIScorecard™ for current versions of BI suites. "

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